Personal Experience With Water Fasting and Why I’ll Do It Again

The short answer is that in general, water fasting was an astounding background and I’ll certainly do it once more. In any case, before we go any further, I should underscore this is MY experience after a great deal of research and in the wake of conversing with a few specialists and professionals. I’m not recommending any other individual take a stab at fasting, at any rate without the same due persistence. While fasting is for the most part thought to be alright for short measures of time, not every person can or should attempt it.

What is Water Fasting?

As the name proposes, it is fasting on water. Furthermore, just water. Furthermore, only water.

Home grown teas, dark espresso, calorie free beverages, and supplements are not some portion of water fasting. Simply water.

In the event that it sounds intense, I can state that from my experience water fasting is substantially simpler than different sorts of fasting (bone juices, squeezing, and so on.) and the outcomes are significantly more significant. This sort of fasting is likewise called square fasting or long haul fasting.

Fasting can shift in length from 24-72 hours, which is viewed as safe for a great many people. Or on the other hand the quick can reach out to five days, seven days, or even 40-days. The longest I’ve by and by fasted is 7 days.

Why I Decided to Fast Fasting

Verifiably, every significant religion prescribes or requires fasting somehow. All through history, numerous individuals have fasted naturally when access to nourishment was restricted or amid movement when sustenance was inaccessible.

In present day times, the possibility of deliberately abandoning eating appears to be crazy to a few, however to numerous individuals all through history; eating 4-6 times each day would appear to be similarly silly. Actually, the cutting edge thought of “six little suppers daily” would have appeared to be insane to even the wealthiest on the planet as of not long ago, as it essentially wasn’t a choice.

Considerably additionally stunning? Analysts assess that Americans really don’t eat only 4-6 times each day. The real number is more like 17-18 times each day. Not you? Think about this… from a biochemical point of view, whenever we put something caloric in our mouths, there is a stomach related occasion. Each handful of nuts, each taste of smoothie between suppers or espresso with cream. The body sees those as stomach related occasions.

So, nowadays we eat more, move considerably less, and get less daylight and substantially more manufactured light presentation. The chances are not to support us.

I chose to quick as much for the psychological advantages as the physical, however there is research to back the physical advantages too.

Benefits of Water Fasting

Admission: I read restorative diaries for no particular reason. I’m unusual like that. (Need to peruse a portion of the examinations I found? They are all in the sources underneath.)

I began discovering examines that demonstrate that fleeting fasting can:

  • Make autophagy in the body
  • Lower age-instigated irritation in the body
  • Diminish oxidative harm
  • Lower NF-kB initiation
  • Lift the insusceptible framework

My Personal Experience Fasting on Water Only

I looked into a lot and conversed with a few specialists previously bouncing in to a water-just quick. Like I stated, I’m not proposing this for any other individual, simply sharing my own understanding. Anybody considering water fasting ought to do extra research and converse with or be managed by a qualified proficient.

My significant other chose to quick with me so we picked seven days that was free of movement and any major booked exercises. This ended up being something to be thankful for on the grounds that reasonable cautioning.. The initial couple of days of fasting are terrible. By any means. In any case, they additionally aren’t as terrible as you may think.

The few days before the quick, we concentrated on eating significantly more green veggies, drinking enough water, and taking supplements (they aren’t permitted on a water quick either). We additionally ensured our electrolytes were up with custom made electrolyte drinks and adding salt to our sustenance.

What Kind of Water on the Fast?

Since water is the main thing we devoured amid the quick, it was essential to ensure we had top notch water. We have an entire house channel and a 14-arrange under the sink channel, so we approved of drinking our faucet water. A few people want to utilize refined water while fasting.

Electrolyte consumption is one of the greater dangers of fasting (see the others underneath) so we included some top notch Himalayan salt to two or three glasses of our water every day. This should help with the cerebral pains and tiredness.

The measure of water is likewise imperative amid a quick. Drinking excessively water can cause issues, as cannot drinking enough. Sources fluctuate on the correct sum yet it runs between 2-4 quarts every day. I just drank when parched and added a squeeze of salt to two or three glasses every day.

Day-by-Day Water Fast Experience

I didn’t generally recognize what’s in store with fasting on water alone, other than the autophagy and ideally expanded foundational microorganism action. This is the thing that I encountered step by step amid the quick:


For our first quick, we didn’t know what’s in store yet we booked a simple first day. This was a decent call. The principal half of the day was much the same as any typical day, less breakfast and lunch. By supper, our bodies began to see they hadn’t eaten throughout the day and the appetite hit. At that point the tiredness.

In general, it wasn’t a repulsive day and we just relaxed. We went to bed around 9 PM that night and got around 10 hours of rest.


These center days were unpleasant. We were as yet eager (clearly) yet additionally had exhaustion and even slight body throbs. I additionally got icy, and this is likely because of the progressions in T3 that normally occur amid fasting. The body does this to secure muscle and it is ideal, however I invested a great deal of energy in the love seat with covers these two days.

I wouldn’t go so far as to state nowadays were as awful as this season’s cold virus (however it’s been quite a while since I’ve had it), yet they were harsh. Presently, these are days we intend to rest and rest.


I adored days 4-7 of fasting! Vitality returned with retribution and appetite vanished. I was effectively at 2-3x my typical profitability. Numerous sources guarantee this is because of having additional time without the need to cook sustenance a couple of times each day. For my situation, this wasn’t valid since despite everything I needed to cook 3 times each day for our children.

Since we were estimating blood ketones, I realize that our ketones were over 4.0 on nowadays and our balanced glucose was underneath it. This implies we were in autophagy. The Level gadget likewise affirmed we were viably utilizing ketones. Ketones are thought about cleaner and more compelling fuel for the mind by a few specialists, and I’m speculating the psychological clearness originated from the expanded ketones.

The one protest I had amid this time was some bothersome skin. From my examination, this can be a typical response to fasting and to weight reduction, and an Epsom salt shower lightened it.

Breaking a Water Fast Be Careful

Shockingly, if not done accurately, the most hazardous piece of fasting can be the arrival to ordinary eating. The more drawn out the quick, the more critical the post-quick receding period is. In outrageous cases after long fasts, the body can experience something many refer to as reseeding disorder when liquids, insulin, and electrolytes escape adjust. In extremely extraordinary cases, this can be deadly, so breaking the quick effectively is VERY imperative!