3 Best Ways to Clean Marble Floors

Marble floors are like that cherry on top which adds additional charm in the home decoration. Although keeping that floor clean and shiny is another challenge. But, at the same time, these shiny marble floors give a perfect elegant look and complement home décor with some royal vibes.

How about the cleaning process? Oh, we know how complicated it is. Keeping marble floors clean, especially the ones in white is not less than cracking a hard nut. Specifically, if you have kids at home, then let’s have a minute of silence. By the way, in case, if you don’t know then let us tell you that to the clean marble floor, it requires some extra efforts, unlike the simple one.

Don’t worry, take it easy! We can help you with this. Here, we will suggest you best way to clean marble floors. Bring your notepad or either feel free to bookmark this blog. The choice is yours.

Use cleaning solutions 

Well, adding effective cleaning solutions in the tub could work best. There are many solutions available that are purposefully used for floor cleaning. These types of solutions are fused with some acidic formulas which help in cleaning floors and also work on adding a lasting shine on it. Although, for this, you need to take a tub (specifically for the mopping purpose) and then add a certain amount of water, bring your solution, and few drops of it. By the way, take this bonus tip and to create a perfect balance between water and solution, check the instruction provided (with the bottle of solution). Make sure to take the accurate measurement and then mix the solution with water very well. Now, feel free to take mop in hands and start your process.

Use a good mop 

The mop you use is equally responsible for the results. I know many of you have gone through the phase where you see tiny and almost transparent scratches on the marble floor. Although these scratches are not enough visible it makes the floor look edgy and rough. Well, we could understand how frustrating it looks. This is might be because your mop has expired and it’s time to replace it. In another case, there are chances that your mop might not have soft enough (fabric) which is giving you the ineffective result. So, for this, you must assure that your mop is soft enough. By the way, choosing the one, containing microfibers could give you the best results.

Don’t forget to dry it 

Oh, this one is the biggest mistake which all of us usually do. Yeah, in this, you are included as well. Have you ever seen those footprints on the marble floor? Even if you prohibit everyone from walking on the wet floor still there are some footprints or other kinds of marks get visible on the floor. Don’t worry, take it easy. The best way to get rid of it is to dry your floor right after moping it. For this, keep an extra dry piece of towel and keep drying your wet floor with it (after moping).

Start practicing mentioned tactics from today and enjoy your all shiny marbles and give your ambiance a complete royal look.

Don’t forget to dry it 

Oh, this one is the biggest mistake which all of us usually do. Yeah, in this, you are included as well. Have you ever seen those footprints on the marble floor? Even if you prohibit everyone from walking on the wet floor still there are some footprints or other kinds of marks get visible on the floor. Don’t worry, take it easy. The best way to get rid of it is to dry your floor right after moping it. For this, keep an extra dry piece of towel and keep drying your wet floor with it (after moping).

Start practicing mentioned tactics from today and enjoy your all shiny marbles and give your ambiance a complete royal look.

5 Interesting Things You Must Know About Google

We usually use Google for the purpose of searching or researching about a certain course of subject but what we don’t know is that Google is a whole universe in itself. There are so many tips and tricks about Google that can be handy for your day to day routine and might be really useful to you. In this blog, you will not learn one or two tricks about Google but so many that you will not believe.

So let’s get started:

  1. Get The Numbers Translated

Here’s a number 975378924. Can you say this number in English? Take as much time as you want and then Well, many of us will go back to our 5th grade mathematics class and will start counting units, tens, hundreds, thousands.. Maybe you can really pronounce this number in English but it will take a lot of your time. Why not just do it in seconds?

Just go to Google and type whatever number you want it to be pronounced and hit the enter button. The Google will do the job done for you. Amazing, no?

  • Movie And Chill

Want to download movie without getting the spam links? Well, all you need to do is to type the name of a movie you want to watch and along with that write “Google drive”. For instance, “Iron Man Google Drive”. Now this will give you the link of people whoever has uploaded the movie on their Google drives and you can watch it online without hitting any spam links or downloading viruses into your mobile or computers.

  • Know About  A Person

Next is really interesting and using this will get you a lot of information about people that you could not until now. All you need to do is go to Google images and you will open a new search browser from Google. Here, you will find a search bar from Google and along with that you will see a small icon on camera” on the bar. If you will click on it, you will be able to upload an image and Google will give you all the information about the specific person on internet. Their Facebook accounts, Instagram account, twitter accounts, any video or image uploaded on internet (if it’s on public).

  • SEO Keywods

For all the bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers or influencers, here’s a thing for you. What you can do is, go to Google and search about any topic you want to create content on. As you start writing certain words, you will start seeing suggestion list on Google with the help of auto suggestion option. These are the keywords people have been actually searching on internet. These keywords are crucial. If you will add these “keywords” into your content (blogs, vlogs, videos, etc), people will be able to find your content instantly.

  • Find your phone

Wish you all the good luck in life but misfortunate can happen to anybody. If you have lost your phone and you want to know where the snatchers have taken your phone, you can easily check that on Google. What you need to do is that simply; go to Google and type “find my phone”. This will show you your phone’s location from whichever ID you have logged in to your account. Isn’t it great?

Well, I am sure there are many other tips, tricks and interesting facts that you can find about Google. And If you want to know more, follow the blog http://3rbe.com/

How to choose the best from the available types of pool heaters

People like to invest in something which can stay for long and let you get the benefit of it for a longer duration. With this in mind, people make sure that when they are buying pool heaters for their swimming pools, it should be worth every penny they have spent on it and let them avail the advantages in every way possible.

There are many types of pool heaters available in the market which takes care of the needs of the customers. Out of which, choosing the right one is the sole decision of the user, which is possible only through the reviews they can get from different consumers.

Why is there a need for a swimming pool heater?

People like to bring different entertainment in their day to day life, and this is the reason they prefer houses which have built-in swimming pools. When you have pools, then there are preferences of having the water temperature level as per your liking as well. This is the primary cause that leads to people opting for the pool heaters.

The heaters allow the pool to have a pleasant temperature, which is not too cold or hot. It will enable people to have the best swim they want, not only in winter but in the summers as well.

It is even necessary to have all the costs within budget without letting you face any extra expense. Various factors are looked into by the users when they are planning to purchase the right pool heating solutions. For the better choice, we have enlisted a few options, which make you go for the best solution as per your suitability.

Different Types of Pool Heaters

Gas Pool Heater

Gas pool heaters consume natural gas or propane to make it work and create heat. The cost of propane is a little expensive as compared to natural gas. The working of these heaters is quite simple. The combustion chamber has lots of coils that get heated when gas burns inside. This, as a result, helps in heating the water in the pool as well.

Though the heater is inexpensive when you buy it, the cost of operating is a little expensive. It helps in heating water on a quicker basis while, on the other hand, causes air pollution. It is excellent for any size of the pool yet has a short span of life.

Electric Pool Heater

The heaters are quite cost-efficient and consume heat from the air and transfer it to the pool when powered by electricity. They are most popular among people due to the high energy efficiency and the satisfaction people get out of it.

The electric pool heater is eco-friendly but very expensive to buy. They don’t cause any air pollution and takes a lot of time to heat the water in the pool. It has a long span of life while it doesn’t work well in colder temperatures.

Solar Pool Heater

This heater is dependent on solar energy, which makes sure that the heating system works in the most progressive way possible. The solar panels are installed either in the yard or even on the rooftop to collect the heat. When water passes through the solar panels, it consumes all the heat and gives you the desired temperature.

The heater is eco-friendly but dependent on the sunlight. It is not at all expensive to operate, but the heating process works very slowly. Last for a longer duration, but you will find it dead during the winter season.  


With all the efficiencies and drawbacks mentioned, you can get a proper idea of how and what to opt for when you are planning to purchase a pool heater for your home. Never make a choice that doesn’t suit your location or financial plans. Always opt for the best available option in making life an easier one.

Facebook Gaming App – Gamers On The Go!

Are you not into gaming for a long time? It is the high time now to have a time out for you and for the love of gaming. Well, here’s a technology article and good news for all the gamers out here.

For the past 18 months, Facebook owner Mark Zukerberg has been working on this project and finally has given a date to announce the start on its app. You can now use the Facebook gaming app on your android phone which has been launched on 20th April, 2020.

The games would include all the trending as well as casual ones which will entertain the audience (gamers to be specific) of all types. While playing these games, you would be able to catch up with both online streamers; however, you can also play the games offline. Then obviously, you will not get any live streamers to play with. Another feature involves the Facebook gaming app to go live on your Facebook page. Oh yes!, now everyone who is your friend or who has been following you on Facebook can watch you play while you Go Live using the app. Sounds interesting, right?

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So what are you waiting for? Just download the app today and from all the list of games, choose a one best for you. Literally, Facebook has been into the game such as Farmville, Cityville Ludostar, but through this application Facebook will be able to grow its audience even more. This gaming app will have technology advantages for the Facebook to grow its live streamers and obviously launching a gaming app will help them grow in a long way.

Let’s Dance In Joy – Android Users…

It has been announced that the initially the gaming app would only be available for the android phone. This is because the iOS software requires much of a hustle and this area of technology development is still needed to be taken care of.

Unlike any other game or application, there will not be any ads to be played on the gaming app. Usually, the apps using tactics to earn coins by playing the add and gamers have no option other than playing those add in order to have some coins. This might irritate any gamer while gaming. Therefore, Facebook has marked off this function for now and is only focusing on stars (Twitch) to generate money.

Well, there is no doubt Facebook is looking for a greater viewership on its application which is only possible when more and more people will go online and stream on Facebook and what’s the better option than inviting gamers from around the globe to have wider platform to interact with other gamers and play online.

Well, we cannot forget the fact that the YouTube has also shut down its gaming app in 2019 due to lack of viewership. Let’s see how Facebook does goes along the way. 

Major Consideration for Best Beginning Compound Bow Draw Length & Weight

The present archery market comprises of various compound bow makers, making it hard to tell which bow is best for you. Every single compound bow has similarities that you have to consider before purchasing. At this moment, we will be discussing the best beginner compound bow to look past the propaganda and find the center viewpoints you have to know before purchasing a compound bow.

With anything that you get, you should initially think about the application. For what reason would you say you are purchasing a compound bow? Is it accurate to say that you are into hunting or sport shooting? The application calls for various determinations. To begin, we have to fit the bow to the shooter.

How about we become acquainted with a couple of significant terms for fitting the bow to the shooter? This includes draw length and draw weight.

Simple Steps To Choose The Best Hunting Bow For Next TripBest Beginning Compound Bow Draw Length

Compound bows will draw just a specific distance before the string stops. This distance is the draw length. Most compound bows have a range for draw length and can be acclimated to fit the shooter for an open to shooting form. Significantly, shooters locate their suitable draw length for various reasons.

  • If that draw length is excessively short, it can hurt precision since keeping up reference focuses for pointing turns out to be increasingly troublesome. At full draw, shooters have a grapple point, and excessively shy of an attract length prompts a drifting stay point and, in this manner, irregularity between shots. Overly shy of a draw length likewise can prompt expanded torque on the bow, which adds to error and inaccuracy.
  • ProView Peep Bow Sight – If draw length is excessively long, archers have the characteristic inclination to lean their head, trying to see appropriately through the peep bow sight, a little device used for pointing.

This will cause different issues, for example, a terrible back stance and along these lines shooting form. Inappropriate shooting form can add pressure and torque to the bow, prompting mistake. To exacerbate the situation, this will unavoidably cause the shooter’s bow arm, or arm holding the bow, to expand more than it needs, putting the inward elbow directly in the way of the string. Ouch!

  • Proper draw length. There are unlimited sources that disclose how to foresee or quantify draw length. For the beginning bowman, it’s brilliant to visit your neighborhood Bass Pro Shops archery department or another qualified archery shop to gauge draw length. Having the right draw length will help with structure, consistency, precision, and wellbeing.

Best Beginning Compound Bow Draw Weight

Draw weight is a significant part of a choosing a bow, as hunters need to hold at full draw while focusing on their game.

With regards to drawing weight, the most significant thing to comprehend is coordinating your strength to the bows draw weight. Heavier draw loads produce quicker speeds, yet more vital than speed is finding a weight that you can hold at full draw consistently without an excessive amount of pressure.

Draw weight is the pinnacle weight you pull as the string is being moved back before let-off. Compound bows have what’s called let-off, which is an approach to reduce the weight bowmen need to hold at full draw. Thus, when considering draw weight, likewise search for let off rate.

Choosing draw weight— What archers need to consider, hunters mainly, is the possibility to be stepped back for extensive periods while sitting tight for an ideal shot. Drawing in adverse conditions lead to draw loads that are too heavy, are challenging to hold for quite a while. It is much harder to draw after an extended demonstration on a cold winter day. In this way, coordinate the weight to your quality.

When you are testing bows, check whether you can draw and hold the bow for an entire 20-30 seconds without shaking. If you can, at that point, the draw weight ought to be the perfect fit for you. Another significant point is precision; having a draw weight that you can without much of a stretch draw and hold will permit you to have a steadier and progressively exact shot.

With all the above things in mind about draw length and draw weight helps in making you pro in archery and even hunting.