Most Popular Cleaning Kits By Month

Much like everything, Guns need to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. No one wants to be in a situation, where they need to shoot but has a gun Jam.   This blog gives an insight of the most popular cleaning kits that have been voted as the best in each month of 2020.

January & March

Real Avid AVGCK 310- P

Real Avid AVGCK310-P Review, Pros and ConsThis was a fan favorite for two months, and with the qualities it offers, it isn’t surprising. This kit is perfect for anyone who is a beginner at cleaning guns.   It is known for its versatility, as it comes with 5 brushes and an amazing universal pistol cleaning kit, it’s able to clean a variety of different guns. It includes an astounding 4 bronze bore brushes and 4 bore jag patches and are all protected by the strong Nylon Casing.  It’s long list of traits include; portability as it is lightweight and easy to carry, high durability as the nylon casing makes it weatherproof, it is ideal to clean different types of pistols and handguns, it comes with a 12 piece kit and finally it is really affordable and easy to gain in the market. Customers review it as the ‘gem’ of cleaning kits. The only minor flaw it has is that it doesn’t come with any solvent or gun lubricant.

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February, April, May

Hoppe’s PCO38

Throughout 2020, this was the most popular cleaning kit and the reasons why are endless. It contains everything you need; from cleaning, to removing carbon, copper and any other debris.  Although the kit is fairly compact and has very few tools such as; one brush, one bore patch, one solvent, a lubricant and forty cotton patches. Despite having less than the Real Avid, the quality of the tools are guaranteed to last a very long time.  The amazing pros, has hailed this cleaning kit as the ‘power horse of cleaning kits’. The pros include, its strong and tough durability, the quality ensuring tools, its compactness and weatherproof ability, it is easy to use and is ideal for beginners, it is highly portable and easy to carry around, and lastly, it comes with a solvent and a cleaning lubricant.  The only flaw it has is that some users find it hard to carry around as it can be slightly heavy.


Otis Technologies FG-645

This is another very popular cleaning kit containing an astonishing 17 piece cleaning kit; it is known to be extremely versatile and has the ability to clean several guns. The bore brushes can help remove any dirt and debris with ease, and can even reach the hardest places of the gun. It comes with an array of quality tools, such as brushes, cotton patches, T handles, memory flex cables and even comes with a lubricant. It also is really portable and easy to carry around; finally it is attached with a long lasting warranty. However, as it is quite expensive, it does take customers away for the more cheap options.