Best Diaphragm Turkey Calls: What to Carry

People think that marinating turkey in different scrumptious flavors is the only way one can enjoy a turkey. Well, no there are many other ways of enjoying turkey. Like, through hunting it?

Yes, the one who have been hunting turkeys know very well that what a fun-filled activity it is. I am sure your pulses are getting excited and you want to try out this thrilling fun too. Well, we appreciate this. 

And by the way, everyone would tell you that ‘yeah bro, hunting turkey is the best thing you can do’ but no one will tell you what to carry before leaving for your hunting task (maybe because they also don’t know this). Anyways, don’t worry when we are here. Take it easy.

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Here, we will suggest you some best diaphragms which you must carry before leaving. Let’s start.

Primos hunting 1214 diaphragm

This one is a magic bundle. It has total three cutters. But wait, before you get too excited, let us tell you that most of the hunters keep it in backup for the difficult situations like, when you are all hopeless to find a turkey. This one has A-frame Triple along with the BAT cut, A-Frame Double which comes with the Double Cut and the third one is the Sonic Dame Triple with a Bat cut. All these are made with unique design elements which could be fit on all different sizes of mouths. So, if you think that you are missing to locate your turkey then feel free to create sounds from this diaphragm.

H.S. Strut Legends 4 Diaphragm

People call Strut Legends we call it a sound wonder. Yes, if you own this one then you can easily produce four calls and this might include a deep cut, power V, the fang, and as well as the power cutter. Well, we would like to give a shoutout call to the beginners because it’s a best combo pack for the hunters who have no past experience of hunting turkey. All of the four calls acquire a thinnest reed which help in assuring that the quality of sound that is being produced is enough qualitative and its vocals are clear. So, all of the newbies out there. Just get your hands on this before leaving for your targets.

Woodhaven WH197 diaphragm

Ok, we would like to mention that this one is bit light and small in size, among all. Overall, it contains total three reeds of 2.5 which have a ghost cut. This unique cut help in producing the qualitative and high pitch sound. Not only this, it works in creating multiple of sounds which might include the purrs and yelps. And oh, many think that its for the experts but what I believe is, you just need a little practice to get commands on this one- that’s all.

Woodhaven WHO75

Woodhaven WHO75 is the best one. This one has around three vyper cuts and it also assist in creating crystal clear sounds of clucks and raspy. Another best thing about this turkey call is, you do not have to stuck on one pitch only. You can switch from loud to soft tone easily. To use this one, you just need a little practice and you are all good to go.