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Your skin is the largest organ in the body. It is that one organ that is affected everyday by things around you. When you go out, there are many factors affecting your skin on daily basis. Also, as you age, your skin starts to deteriorate and there is appearance of wrinkles and spots on the skin. It is very important to take care of your skin as it is a visible organ of your body.

Factors Affecting the Skin

There are many factors that can affect your skin and that too on daily basis.

Pollution is one of the biggest factor that is affecting your skin daily. When you leave your house and go out, you are faced with different chemicals and harmful gases that are present in our air these days. Fumes from vehicles and factories also add to this pollution. Along with that, there are dust particles in the air that harm your skin. All these small particles enter the pores of your skin and harm the dermal layer. This leads to problems of the skin such as skin loosening, wrinkles and dark spots.

Age is another factor that can lead to skin deterioration. As you grow older, the body is not able to perform the functions at the same rate and the constituents of skin or other organs also lose their youth. Due to this, the skin elasticity is lot and wrinkles become so prominent.

Sun rays are harmful for your skin too. Now that the ozone layer is damaged and harmful rays are entering the Earth, there is no way to protect the Earth from UV rays that the ozone was blocking. If your exposure to sun everyday is excess, then your skin is prone to getting damaged. These rays change the structure of skin cells and may even cause mutations that then become the cause of skin cancer and other skin diseases.

Introduction to Active Luminous Serum

Active Luminous Serum is a serum made to protect the skin from all these factors and keep it radiant and fresh. It is very important for the skin to be healthy because if your skin looks healthy, you will too. If you have dull skin with wrinkles and spots, you will constantly get comments on how you look tired or sick at all times. This serum is made to help people of this age who are victims of all the factors mentioned above.

Active Luminous Serum aids in keeping the elasticity of the skin and making the skin radiant. If your skin looks bright,- you will look healthier and fresher too. Sometimes, people start getting wrinkles even before the enter their forties. This can be due to lack of proteins in the skin. So, Active Luminous Serum plays a role in maintaining the protein levels in the skin to maximum so that the elasticity is maintained. It also has many other benefits that make it such a great product.

How does Active Luminous Serum work?

Active Luminous Serum works by maintaining the protein levels in the dermal layers of your skin. There are three different types of fibrous proteins in your skin of which collagen is the most important. It is due to the strong interlinking between collagen fibres that the skin is so elastic and firm. When the collagen content is low or when this interlocking is broken, the skin starts to loosen up or sag.

Active Luminous Serum ensures that the collagen production is maximum so that there is no chance of wrinkles. Moreover, it also helps in keeping the skin hydrated. It retains the water content in the skin so that good hydration can make your skin radiant and fresh looking.

Ingredients of Active Luminous Serum

There are many ingredients in Active Luminous Serum that are involved in making this supplement such a great catch. It is due to presence of these ingredients that the use of this supplement can help you have much better skin. The serum can be used by anyone. It is suitable for both males and females. The ingredient in this serum are all known for their multiple benefits for the human body and skin.

Fern Extract

This is the extract that protects your skin from the harmful effects of the Sun rays. The presence of this ingredient in the serum Active Luminous Serum is the reason for this serum’s ability to protect your skin from the harmful rays. Also, it prevents any cases of cancer as it creates a barrier between the rays and the skin .


Zinc is another ingredient that is very helpful when it comes to keeping the skin healthy. Zinc is a co factor for many enzymes so it aids in the proper function of enzymes that are needed for maintaining the functions in Skin cells. It also helps to maintain the structure of your skin. Moreover, zinc is very important for maintaining tissue strength. When the tissues are strong, it means that your skin will not be saggy. It keeps the skin upright and firm.


Calcium is very important for your body as it is essential for bone health and teeth. However, it is also very important for your skin. As you may know, your cells die every day and new cells are made to replace them. Calcium plays a role in the regeneration of cells and their division. In this way, it maintains the level of skin cells and keeps your skin youthful. To keep your skin fresh looking, it is important to get rid of the dead cells and replace them with new cells.

Vitamin A

Vitamins are essential for your skin. Vitamin A helps in regeneration of the skin cells. Moreover, it is also responsible for ensuring that the collagen levels in the skin are sufficient. So, it helps keep the skin healthy and bright.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E does not regulate the protein content or structure but it actually helps in keeping the skin safe from effects of peroxides or other oxidants that are formed in various reactions. These oxides can harm the integrity of the skin cells if they are present in the skin for too long. Acting as an antioxidant, Vitamin E protects the skin from the internal factors and keeps it healthy.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C also works along Vitamin A to increase the production of collage and elastin in the skin. Elastin is another protein that is involved in improving the elasticity of human skin. Furthermore, Vitamin C is also important for keeping the skin healthy by ensuring no damage is done to the skin.

Side Effects of Active Luminous Serum

There are no known side effects of Active Luminous Serum. You can see from the ingredient list that all the ingredients used in this serum are completely natural and they are already being produced in your body. Sometimes, the body is unable to produce sufficient amounts due to lack of proper diet and poor lifestyle. This is when you need to take all these supplements from the outside to facilitate the betterment of the body. Since it is free of side effects, this serum can be used twice every day.

How to Use Active Luminous Serum?

Just take a few drops of the serum in your palm and then rub it onto your skin with the circular motions of your finger. Do this twice a day, before going out and before going to bed to get the best results. If you regularly use Active Luminous Serum, you will be able to see the results in no time.

Pros of Active Luminous Serum

There are many pros of Active Luminous Serum.

  • It keeps wrinkles away and makes you look younger.
  • It ensures integrity of the skin cells and saves them from harm.
  • It creates a barrier between the pollutants in air and the skin cells.
  • It plays a role in making your skin healthy and radiant.
  • It brightens the appearance of skin, making it look rejuvenated.
  • It retains hydration in your skin.

Cons of Active Luminous Serum

Some of the cons of Active Luminous Serum are mentioned below:

  • It is only available online.
  • You cannot use it if you any skin disease or skin infection.
  • Ask your doctor before use if you have any history of allergies with serums of this sort.

Where to Buy Active Luminous Serum?

If you want to have youthful skin that everyone envies, you can easily get your hands on Active Luminous Serum by ordering It from the online website. When you place your first order, check if there is a free trial offer going on that you could benefit from. The payment has to be made through credit card and your order is then confirmed. It will be delivered to your doorstep.

Conclusion On Active Luminous Serum

Regular use of Active Luminous Serum can actually help your skin look younger and much healthier. You do not have to live with dull looking skin anymore because this serum is here to your rescue. Start using it today to get the skin you can flaunt.

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