5 Interesting Things You Must Know About Google

We usually use Google for the purpose of searching or researching about a certain course of subject but what we don’t know is that Google is a whole universe in itself. There are so many tips and tricks about Google that can be handy for your day to day routine and might be really useful to you. In this blog, you will not learn one or two tricks about Google but so many that you will not believe.

So let’s get started:

  1. Get The Numbers Translated

Here’s a number 975378924. Can you say this number in English? Take as much time as you want and then Well, many of us will go back to our 5th grade mathematics class and will start counting units, tens, hundreds, thousands.. Maybe you can really pronounce this number in English but it will take a lot of your time. Why not just do it in seconds?

Just go to Google and type whatever number you want it to be pronounced and hit the enter button. The Google will do the job done for you. Amazing, no?

  • Movie And Chill

Want to download movie without getting the spam links? Well, all you need to do is to type the name of a movie you want to watch and along with that write “Google drive”. For instance, “Iron Man Google Drive”. Now this will give you the link of people whoever has uploaded the movie on their Google drives and you can watch it online without hitting any spam links or downloading viruses into your mobile or computers.

  • Know About  A Person

Next is really interesting and using this will get you a lot of information about people that you could not until now. All you need to do is go to Google images and you will open a new search browser from Google. Here, you will find a search bar from Google and along with that you will see a small icon on camera” on the bar. If you will click on it, you will be able to upload an image and Google will give you all the information about the specific person on internet. Their Facebook accounts, Instagram account, twitter accounts, any video or image uploaded on internet (if it’s on public).

  • SEO Keywods

For all the bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers or influencers, here’s a thing for you. What you can do is, go to Google and search about any topic you want to create content on. As you start writing certain words, you will start seeing suggestion list on Google with the help of auto suggestion option. These are the keywords people have been actually searching on internet. These keywords are crucial. If you will add these “keywords” into your content (blogs, vlogs, videos, etc), people will be able to find your content instantly.

  • Find your phone

Wish you all the good luck in life but misfortunate can happen to anybody. If you have lost your phone and you want to know where the snatchers have taken your phone, you can easily check that on Google. What you need to do is that simply; go to Google and type “find my phone”. This will show you your phone’s location from whichever ID you have logged in to your account. Isn’t it great?

Well, I am sure there are many other tips, tricks and interesting facts that you can find about Google. And If you want to know more, follow the blog http://3rbe.com/